Your dad helped raise you to be the wonderful person that you are toady. He took care of you when you were young, helped you maneuver through this difficult world, and would have given everything just to make your day better. Now, as time passes, your superhero father is beginning to struggle with daily tasks that used to come easy.

Dealing with an aging parent is always tough, but dealing with a parent who is struggling with memory loss, mental illness, or severe physical decline is even worse. If your dad is losing mental and physical strength at a rapid rate, it might be time to take him to an assisted living facility.

According to data from the American Health Care Association, there are currently 15,655 skilled nursing care centers across the United States. Here are a few benefits of bringing your aging father to an assisted living home.

Knowing he’ll be getting excellent medical care
Unless you have gone to medical school yourself, you probably aren’t fit to administer your father’s medications. As he grows older, he will most likely have to take more and more medications, which can get quite overwhelming for untrained individuals. The employees at nursing centers are knowledgeable about memory care and medications associated with old age. Your father will be in great hands at these facilities.

He’ll be surrounded by people his age
Don’t think for one second that you’re abandoning your father by having him live at a nursing facility. He’ll understand why it needs to be done but he’ll also have plenty of opportunities for friendship with people just like him. He’ll be able to swap life stories with some of the most interesting individuals in the world — people who are been on this earth as long as him and can offer wonderful conversations.

You’ll be able to visit whenever you want
You’ll also be able to stop by and see your dad whenever you can. And each time, no matter how much he can or cannot express himself, seeing you will give him great joy.

No matter how difficult your father’s transitioning throughout old age becomes, know that there are always ways to help him out. Contact Vista del Lago today to learn more about quality assisted living.