assisted livingThere are roughly 35.6 million people with dementia across the globe. And though there is no known cure for dementia, you can still do your best to keep your elderly father’s brain as active as possible so he can at least be prepared to combat any memory loss issue that might be nearing.

Here are some approaches ideas you should consider if you want to help your elderly father improve his cognitive ability as he ages.

Have real conversations with each other

No matter how old your father is, don’t just talk to him like he’s a child. Even if he is really struggling cognitively, try your best to look past any issues he’s having and having legitimate discussions about topics that interest him. Talking about these things will likely help him feel better and it’ll be a good brain workout.

Visit assisted living facilities

There are high quality nursing homes around the country that specialize in memory care. These assisted living centers can be great for someone like your father who might be beginning to struggle with day-to-day activities and general memory loss. You’ll still be able to visit him whenever you want and can do any of these other cognitive exercises when you’re there.

Go through old family photos and videos

It’s such a sad day when your loving father starts to show serious signs of memory loss. But you should know that he’s still in there and those memories still exist in his heart. By showing him some of his favorite old photos and videos of when you were younger, he’ll surely resonate with them and appreciate you showing them to him. They might even kickstart his memory a little bit more, too.

Never stop believing your father can still be there for you and help you through any of your issues. Even just sitting down to talk to him, even if you have to do most of the talking, can help you get a better idea of what you need to do in life. Talk to your dad as much as you can, have fun with him, and get him the best help available.

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