There are currently 35.6 million people with dementia across the globe. Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s, though you don’t have to think about dementia all that much, you should still be aware of how you’re taking care of your brain and your memory.

Here are some things you should start doing early on in order to keep your memory strong and give yourself a better chance of combating dementia and Alzheimer’s down the line:


    • Enough multitasking — For some reason, people associate multitasking with intelligence. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Multitasking can actually slow you down, both physically and cognitively, and can lead to all sorts of errors and memory issues.


    • Live a healthier lifestyle — Memory care isn’t just about studying, reading more, and working on brain teasers. It’s about caring for your entire mind and body. A healthy lifestyle can support your brain’s health and even help grow new neurons, a process commonly known as neuroplasticity. Lifestyle factors that can lead to memory improvements include eating a balanced and healthy diet, eating right, and getting plenty of sleep.


    • Play some fun brain games — You have to constantly challenge your brain and quality brain games can do just that. There are plenty of website and smartphone apps that offer scientifically-backed brain games that can help sharpen all of your cognitive skills.


    • Laugh more — Life is short, so stop taking everything so seriously. Laughing not only feels good, but it actually engages multiple regions across your brain. Watch some comedy, read a humorous book, and just goof around with your friends — you’ll be doing your brain a favor.


    • Talk to memory care professionals — This might seem more important down the line, but it’s never too early to start taking your memory and cognitive health seriously. Memory professionals can be found throughout nursing home facilities


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