As people become older, they become prone to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Such illnesses may make it necessary to have your elderly loved ones checked into an assisted living home.

According to numerous psychology reports, many senior citizens dread being placed in nursing homes. However, this has more to do with the myths associated with this world than anything else. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to take some extra steps to ensure your parents, grandparents, or elder siblings enjoy their stay in such a facility.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure our loved ones are comfortable in this new phase of their lives.

1. Maintain Frequent Communication with Them

A considerable number of senior citizens suffer from depression at this time of their lives. This is because they feel lonely and neglected. We must, therefore, try to call them as often as we can. If possible, you should write them emails and letters once in a while as well- thoughtful, meaningful gestures like these go a very long way.

It may be a good idea to place them in an assisted living facility that’s quite close to where you live and stay yourself. If your father is only an hour’s commute away, it’ll be much easier to visit them during the weekends, or on special days like their birthday.

2. Suggest Social and Community Engagements to Them

No one likes to feel alone. And for senior citizens, this feeling is much more pronounced since it’s harder to make new friends and meet new people at that age. However, assisted living facilities have changed all that.

You should encourage your loved ones to join the social groups that are available in such facilities. This way, they can meet with their peers, make friends, and have warm conversations. Such engagements stimulate the mind, keeping it sharp and helping in memory retention.

3. Consider Hiring a Caregiver

Often, we may be unable to give our elderly loved ones the care and attention they need. You shouldn’t feel guilty about this–you’ve got work, school, or even a family of your own to raise. Being a primary caregiver to a senior loved one as well may be too much to take on.

Placing your loved one under assisted living or hiring a caregiver for them is the next best solution. This way, you’ll be sure they’re getting enough and healthy food, following a healthy sleeping pattern, and taking their medication as you should. If your loved one has dementia, you should think about taking them to a memory care facility. This way, you’ll be sure they’re in good hands, and this will help ease any anxiety.

4. Show Them How To Use Mobile Phones and Computers

In these modern times, there’s nothing much that happens offline. If your loved ones don’t have basic computer literacy skills, or at least know how to operate a smartphone, they’ll be shut out from everything that’s going on around them. This is why we should teach them how to use this technology.

Doing this will make their days much more fun as they will be able to recline on their sofa listening to Billy Joel–on the iPod you just got them. They are sure to appreciate it.

Finding Your Loved Ones a New Home

Before leaving your aging loved ones in an assisted living facility, you ought to ensure it has fitting standards. Go over the floor plan–most homes have shared rooms, but there are options for people who’d like to have their own space.

Ensure your loved one is an integral part of picking out a living facility since it will be their new home. Old age doesn’t have to be lonely and depressing. With your support and input, this can be the time they get to try out things they never dreamed they would–like learning Dothraki!