Alzheimers disease is one of the most debilitating diseases you can experience in old age. Millions of Americans throughout the country are affected by Alzheimers, either because they experience the illness themselves or they have a loved one who suffers from the illness.

But what makes Alzheimers such a dangerous disease? Here is how the disease can result in the need for assisted living in a memory care facility.

Alzheimers: Can it kill you?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Alzheimers disease is the sixth leading cause of death throughout the United States alone. Though it’s rare that an individual dies as a direct result of the disease, this advanced form of dementia causes a myriad of symptoms and dangers that can result in an individual’s death.

One of the primary symptoms associated with Alzheimers is a failing memory. This might start out small, such as forgetting where you left your phone or keys. Over time, however, the person suffering from Alzheimers may forget where they live, how to dress, and even how to eat. This can result in accidents, extreme weight loss, and an increased risk of blood clots as a person becomes bedridden.

As such, nursing homes and other memory care facilities become a necessity as the disease progresses into the advanced stages. Though the disease rarely kills someone outright, it often results in complications that can lead to death.

How does Alzheimers advance?

Alzheimers is the loss of cognitive functioning over time. Though it typically occurs in older adults, early onset Alzheimers can affect people in their thirties and forties. Alzheimers and dementia begin when protein deposits form buildups on the brain, leading to the deterioration of brain cells. This will result in memory loss and other cognitive impairments that get worse over time.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for Alzheimers disease. Luckily, the help of a memory care home can keep the worst of the symptoms at bay.

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