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Memory Care

Placing a parent or loved one in a memory care community can be heart-wrenching decision. Family members naturally want to keep those they love close, but as memory loss progresses, the challenge of providing care can become overwhelming.

Vista del Lago provides a place where a new phase of life can begin for those with memory loss. With a network of people at their disposal around-the-clock — including highly trained caregivers and nurses, activity directors, chefs, launderers, and housekeepers — those in our care enjoy greater comfort, security, and social enrichment than was possible at home. This network of caregivers and fellow residents creates a community of familiar faces and compassionate friends.

Short-Term Care

Vista del Lago Memory Care offers convenient short-term respite care services at an all-inclusive daily rate. During a short-term stay, residents will receive the same amenities as our long-term residents who proudly call Vista del Lago home.

You might consider short-term respite care when you need:

  • Support after a hospital stay
  • Continued short-term rehabilitation after a skilled nursing stay
  • A place to stay when an emergency has made your home unsafe or uninhabitable
  • A temporary living arrangement while your caregiver takes a vacation or break
  • A trial-run to experience what Vista del Lago has to offer. This is a great way to see how you fit in with the residents here before you decide to become a full-time resident
A senior man and his nurse take a walk through assisted living

About Vista del Lago

At Vista del Lago Memory Care, you’ll find a free-standing community dedicated solely to supporting and caring for those with a memory diagnosis. Unlike other communities that offer memory support attached to a larger entity, our entire community was designed to meet the needs of our residents living with memory loss and related cognitive impairments. From the layout of our secure community to the structure and frequency of our daily programs, every aspect of our community has been created with memory care in mind.

Vista del Lago Memory Care is a community that specializes in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. When it comes to helping our residents live comfortable, fulfilling lives, we know it’s all about personalization.

No two people with a memory diagnosis are exactly the same. The way the disease progresses, how symptoms come to light, how challenging behaviors are manifest, each of these can be unique from one individual to another. For residents who deal with such a complex, delicate, and wide-ranging disease, care must be customized to the likes and needs of each individual.

The front entrance of Vista del Lago

At Vista del Lago your loved one will enjoy:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly activities tailored to his or her likes and hobbies

  • Ongoing programs that emphasize past accomplishments, careers, culture, and traditions

  • A resort-style menu program that emphasizes brain health

  • Four distinct dining rooms, including one to protect the privacy of those needing assistance with dining

  • Regular housekeeping and laundry services

  • The ability to have their pet

  • A completely secure community in which they are free to explore

  • Beautifully designed living spaces and activity centers

  • A movie theater

  • Outdoor lounge and entertainment areas, including a garden for residents who wish to get their hands dirty

  • Regular social gatherings, outings, and scenic drives

  • Short-term and respite stays, if needed



All menus at Vista del Lago Memory Care are developed by a registered dietician
to deliver the highest quality and comply with the nutritional
requirements of each resident.

Each resident can enjoy 3 gourmet meals in a restaurant style
setting along with periodic daily snacks.


Start the Conversation

Our resident caregivers are on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always looking for
ways to show our residents they are loved and supported. And we are on hand and ready to help you or
your loved one navigate a move to Vista del Lago Memory Care.

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